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Die Springs :
Chrome vanaedium valve springs quality die springs have highest quality standards and comply with international standards. The special alloy material used to give improved heat resistance and reduce relaxation. The trapezoid material profile allows lower solid length and therefore larger deflection. The higher allowable stresses give greater fatigue life and greater dimensional accuracy

Gas Springs:


  • Height reduction for same working deflection and force.
  • Reduction of required surface area for compact tool construction.
  • Increase production rate

Features :

  • TIME SAVING: The clamping and release is achieved in seconds, this gives tremendous time saving per cycle.
  • EASY TO INCORPORATE: No additional accurate machining, slotting etc. is needed while using this clamps in any tooling.
  • VERSATALITY: Available in push, pull, hold down, latch type, plier type.
  • DURABILITY: All vital components are hard and zinc plated giving adequate wear and corrosion resistance ensuring longer working life.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: These clamps are virtually maintenance free. Occasionally few drops of lubricating oil are all that is needed to keep them in good working condition.
  • COST SAVING: Tooling costs are reduced as tool design and tool making become simpler. Reduced cycle time reduced with low maintenance. Reduced production cost by increasing productivity
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